Friday 8 February 2013

Hello 2013...

Yes, we're fairly late with this, I know! Cripes, where has the first five weeks of this year gone?

I checked the blog yesterday and was shocked to see I had to posted in this space since Xmas. I think that serves to show just how busy we have been... Same theme as usual, different year!

We're working on two huge projects at the moment - one is super secret brand collaboration, though soon to be revealed, and we've had two lovely interns in working with us that, which has been brilliant... And the second is a whole new range of products, including wallpaper, which will be launching shortly. We have been supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to make this collection, so it's very exciting indeed. I have been drawing like a mad woman during daylight hours, and then working in to the small wee hours of the night hand sewing... Yes, I am almost blind! ;)

I can't quite recall what it's like to not be working 12+ hour days, but it's a hugely exciting time for abigail*ryan, so we're grinning and bearing it!

In other nice news, our Hydrangea tea towel in avocado was in The Sunday Times a few weekends ago! Very lovely indeed.

Above, you'll find a little selection of shots from life and work over the last few weeks. The new face is our intern, Grace! Sleep deprivation aside, life is very exciting right now, so we are looking forward to revealing everything over the coming weeks...

Happy 2013 everyone!


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