Friday, 30 September 2011

abigail*ryan at Liberty...

We excitedly mentioned a few months ago that we had success at the Liberty Best of British Open Call and that our cushions would soon be in store, and online, with Liberty. Well, it's all happened and they are there!

... we were delighted to spot our cushions on the shelves in the home department when they shared a picture of the launch of Timorous Beasties new range for the shop on facebook. If you look past the lovelies in front, you can JUST spy our lovely cushions stacked up on the shelves behind ;)

In addition, we're in the Liberty Magazine this month - which can you can pick up in store, or browse online, right here.

They also interviewed us for their lovely blog so you can read a little bit more about ourselves and how we started (and hear us gush some more about the beautiful shop itself!) by clicking on over.


Images all by Liberty London.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Cake Goodness...

Oh my, it's been a busy Sunday!

Not only have I been running around doing all sorts of dull stuff like loads of washing (Ryan told me unless I did washed him some socks and be a better housewife I was totally chucked ;)) I have also been having a little bit of a refresh with the look on our blog and shop... we REALLY hope you like the new, brighter, cleaner look. We're loving it!

The Mister, wonderfully, whipped up this amazing banana cake today to take the stressful busy edge off... I'm on to my second slice right now, and sitting down to watch X-Factor with a cuppa. I think I've earned it ;)

Bon weekend to you all!

p.s. the cake is vegan. Who would like the recipe?

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fabric Sampling & New Patterns...

Excitement here in the studio... our new pattern design (Agapanthus and Elderflower) arrived back from the printers for our colour sampling check stage. Two of them are absolutely perfect, so the Chartreuse & Olive and Cream & Stone are GO... we also have a charcoal colourway, which we are going to tweak again to get it just right!

... we're also loving our a*r cotton, which will be getting used in a very special way as part of our forthcoming Heirloom collection. Can you guess how? I keep giggling calling it our pirate fabric... ar! ;)

We (well, me!) are *seriously* excited to print some of the chartreuse for our living room - we have a new dark floor to go down, a wall to paint Olive and our new fabric to turn in to curtains (I have even spied a hot pink curtain rail that will bring out the hot pinks and purples in the flowers!)... maybe it will be our Christmas pressie to ourselves?!

These new lovelies will shortly be available as cushions in our shop... perhaps in around a month to six weeks. Stay tuned!

Bye for now!

Abigail @ a*r

Friday, 16 September 2011


Things are pretty busy here at abigail*ryan HQ - I am still finishing off making some jewellery at the bench before we embark on a patchworking marathon next week, but we've also been stuck in colour-sampling/matching heaven/hell!

...LOVE when it goes right, LOATHE when it's not quite right.

We're getting there, though, and all our tea-towels will shortly be back in stock.

Tomorrow will be all about finishing orders for me, and then I think I shall let Mr. Bell take me to the cinema on Sunday evening if there is something good on... any suggestions??
Bon weekend, everyone! Hope you have some lovely plans?


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Some LOVELY recent press for abigail*ryan...

We have been incredibly lucky to get some wonderful press in this last month... being featured in three wonderful Magazines... a month of firsts... our first telephone interview (which translated in to a fab two page spread with Northern Ireland Homes and Lifestyle - Angus even got his picture taken!)... our first COVER feature...and our first inclusion in a Trend Report, courtesy of Elle Decoration.

All in all, VERY exciting! You can see more detail on our PRESS PAGE...

...we will be back soon, as we have some fabulous NEW fabric to share :)

A@a*r x