Saturday 17 September 2011

Fabric Sampling & New Patterns...

Excitement here in the studio... our new pattern design (Agapanthus and Elderflower) arrived back from the printers for our colour sampling check stage. Two of them are absolutely perfect, so the Chartreuse & Olive and Cream & Stone are GO... we also have a charcoal colourway, which we are going to tweak again to get it just right!

... we're also loving our a*r cotton, which will be getting used in a very special way as part of our forthcoming Heirloom collection. Can you guess how? I keep giggling calling it our pirate fabric... ar! ;)

We (well, me!) are *seriously* excited to print some of the chartreuse for our living room - we have a new dark floor to go down, a wall to paint Olive and our new fabric to turn in to curtains (I have even spied a hot pink curtain rail that will bring out the hot pinks and purples in the flowers!)... maybe it will be our Christmas pressie to ourselves?!

These new lovelies will shortly be available as cushions in our shop... perhaps in around a month to six weeks. Stay tuned!

Bye for now!

Abigail @ a*r

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