Sunday, 31 March 2013

Belfast Le Creuset...

We're big Le Creuset fans... and have more than a little obsession with their gorgeous colourful enamel ware. You know we love colour, and food, so colour you can cook in? Well, that's just right up our street!

The Belfast Le Creuset store, run by the lovely Kirsty, is holding a Wedding Event weekend and had a few brands and suppliers from around Belfast display their wares... Jenny Bristow, local Irish TV cooking personality was in store creating delicious food in the kitchen, and abigail*ryan tea-towels were alongside the rainbow pans, matching perfectly. It's as if our colours were planned to match... I promise they weren't, but what a happy coincidence! Don't they look gorgeous together? So! Get on down this weekend and pop in to the store... Such lovely goodness to ogle, as always.

Le Creuset for Life!!

Le Creuset TEAL with abigail*ryan Hydrangea Duck Egg tea-towel

Le Creuset CERISE with abigail*ryan Dahlia Raspberry tea-towel

Le Creuset (new!) FENNEL with abigail*ryan Hydrangea Avocado tea-towel

Le Creuset CASSIS with abigail*ryan Agapanthus Heather tea-towel

Le Creuset COASTAL BLUE with abigail*ryan Agapanthus Cornflower tea-towel

Le Creuset VOLCANIC with abigail*ryan Dahlia Mango tea-towel

Which is your favourite Le Creuset colour? We like to mix them all together, imagine that?! ;)

Sunday, 17 March 2013


Picking Pantone numbers for our wallpapers - so hard, so many amazing colour combinations to be had! We have two out of four done, and they're looking incredible, if I do say so myself...

Been pretty sick since Friday, so it's been nice looking at something so cheerful today.

Hope everyone has had a lovely w/end, and Happy St. Patrick's Day! ;)


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Wallpaper fun...

We've been busy working on lots of things, and one of those projects has been preparing artwork and designs for our new line of wallpaper, which should debut around May!

This morning we received some sample proofs from our printers, which showed all sorts of fascinating bits of the process - full scale, half scale to show the working repeat, and trim options to make it easier for our lovely customers to hang. We are SO excited.

We have the most dreamy colour palettes to apply to these, so we can't wait to see them in full colour. We will launch them at Pulse this May.

We have been able to work on this new line with support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, so it's been a really fun project.

More sneak peeks from the workshop, soon. We are designing new textile products to go alongside these new prints - rose and cosmos - so there will be a LOT to share soon. You can see why we've been a bit quiet!