Tuesday 19 October 2010

Pen on paper...

Hello there!

Just stopping in to share some previews of some of the drawings I have been feverishly working on for the past wee while... these are in turn currently being worked on by Ryan to turn them into artwork for our brand new tea-towel designs which we will be launching ahead of Christmas!

Above are clusters of Hydrangea buds and opening blooms, and budding Agapanthus... Dahlia is already finished, and we're so excited...can't wait to see them printed... :)

As you can see, the sun was streaming through the window this morning after pouring rain...but I squinted through it and have now totally finished Hydrangea!

Over and out!


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Madelene said...

Wow! They're amazing!

Vivienne Percy said...

OMG Abigail, these are absolutely beautiful. What lovely drawings and well worth all the hard work..... xx

Trish said...

Ah, they are gorgeous! Always so much to be adored with your drawings Abigail. :)

Lisa Dora said...

Amazing work, looking forward to seeing these on fabric.