Saturday, 25 August 2012


Hello everyone!

Abi turns an ancient 29 today ;) 
To celebrate, in our usual fashion, we're running a birthday sale where you get 29% off anything in our tea-towel category... now, we usually apply our big birthday discounts to everything in store, but because we're getting married in 5 weeks (!!) we're a little short on sewing time because we're so busy, but we still wanted to run the sale for you, so we thought this a good compromise...

Just enter code HAPPYBIRTHDAY29 at checkout to get 29% off anything in the tea-towel category!


Friday, 17 August 2012

abigail*ryan in H&G...

We're delighted to be in this month's issue (September) of Homes & Gardens magazine, in a feature about beautifully bold cushions! Hurrah!

You can find the featured cushion, our Sycamore Scatter in Coral & Seafoam, right here...

Thank you to the lovely team at Homes and Gardens for including us!


Also, thanks so much to everyone who commented on my last post about Big Bridal, it was great to hear your thoughts and feedback about this issue, and how curvier ladies are under-represented in the wedding inspiration blogosphere... I'm sure it's a topic close to a lot of people's hearts. I'm glad i'm not the only gal who feels this way! ;)


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Let's talk (big) Bridal...

It's been a while since I have posted anything here about our forthcoming Wedding... and it really is forthcoming, now, only 7 weeks away! (yikes, how did THAT happen!)

I have been mulling over whether to blog about this or not, but it's something that I have really come up against when putting together my look for the Wedding, and I'm just going to say it, it's not easy being a plus size bride!!! Sometimes, it just feels like an uphill struggle! 

I am 6ft tall, in my flats, and wear a size 22/24 UK (yes, I said it) and it is impossible to find any inspiring, beautiful images of brides online that I can relate to... plenty that I relate to in terms of their style, absolutely, but not in terms of their shape and size. I found myself scanning pinterest for a 'chunkier' lady to see what I might look like dressed head-to-toe in the kind of pale tones I usually avoid...and when I found someone in the sea of size 6's, they were probably a 12/14 MAX, and that scared me a little... if they looked 'chunky' in their bridal whites, am I going to look like moby-dick?! I did a fair bit of internal crying at this stage...

I would love, love, to be like these uber-fashion bloggers who are part of the 'fat-acceptance movement' (where basically, they dress as if they weren't bigger, and have no issue wearing raised hemlines, exposing their skin etc and areas that would normally be expected to be covered up if you're bigger) but I'm not... I like to dress to really flatter my body shape, and like to dress to make myself look smaller (if possible). There are parts I like to draw attention away from, and parts I would NEVER expose.

To this end, I am designing my own wedding dress and having Ryan's talented aunt, Lynne, make it for me -- but, this lack of beautiful larger, taller, curvier, chunkier brides is so missing for me online it did make me quake in my size 9's a little... oh yeah, I have massive feet too, so this makes bridal shoe shopping equally gruelling!

I just thought I would throw this out there - there is SUCH a lack of appropriate, inspiring, beautiful dresses and shoes for someone my size and height, it just rather takes the fun out of that side of things. I'll never have that moment in a bridal shop, or quirky vintage boutique, of finding 'the dress' because I frankly don't want a sleeveless, backless, corseted job and can't fit in to a size 6 dress for someone who is 5ft1" tall... granted, the road I am on may end up more fun in the end, and indeed give better results, but it's a difficult one no less and one that has made me wish for a magic lamp to rub to shrink myself a good half foot on more than one occasion! ;))

Does anyone else out there relate?!
Abigail xo!