Saturday 17 November 2012

Bubbacue, Belfast... a review!

Today, Abigail and I were lucky enough to be invited along to Bubbacue, Boojum's sister pop-up restaurant, so, along with my parent's, we aimed to sample everything on the menu- for purely journalistic purposes, of course!

Strictly a meat-lover's joint, the main focus of the menu is the pork and beef prepared in the, shipped over from America specially, smoker. Each option, except the ribs, is available as both a platter, or a sandwich- embracing the same stripped back menu style that enjoyed such success in Boojum. As manager Fiona said, by reducing the options, they can specialise, focusing their attention at being the very best at what they do.

As you can see (hopefully!) from the photo's above, prices here are slightly higher than the usual for lunch in Belfast, with sandwiches being around £6, and platters being around £10, making it a bit more of a consideration than just nipping in for a quick bite. However, in exchange, you do get to sit down, enjoy the ambience, absorb the paired back, rustic decor, and relax...which on a bustling, hectic day like today, in Belfast, was a huge perk!

So, the food?

Well, this was a very difficult review to write...I don't ever want to be in the position of not being able to get a table, so I don't really want everyone to know just how good it was!

The pulled pork was as moist, tender, flavourful and delicious as that we've seen on "Triple D", the brisket was, again, moist, tender, and served in thin, juicy slices, but with a bit more chew than the pork- for those who like their meat with a bit of bite. The other option we sampled was, in our opinion, the absolute star of the show- the Barbeque Ribs.

These were, simply, incredible. Glazed and sticky with a sweet, subtly smokey flavour, the meat just fell from the bone in moist, intensely savoury mouthfuls of deliciousness.

As a sandwich, your choice of meat comes in a soft, floury bread roll, with a mound of coleslaw, a crisp, sharp counter to the rich meat, and a slice of dill pickle. In platter form, your meat comes with coleslaw, richly spiced and moreish baked beans, intensely cheesey, creamy mac & cheese, and, our other star, some astounding corn bread...cornbread so good that, instead of dessert, one of our (rather sweet-toothed) party ordered more!

The portions aren't huge, but certainly satisfying, and for those who are extra hungry, the cornbread, mac & cheese, and coleslaw, are all available (in larger portions than those served with the platter), along with skinny-cut french fries and chicken wings, as sides.

The two options for dessert, in true american style, were pies!

The key lime was fragrant, fresh and zesty, with just the right amount of sweetness, while the Mississippi Mud was dense, creamy, and gorgeously chocolately. Either option acting as the perfect complement to what has gone before.

In all honesty, Bubbacue does what it sets out to do with great success. The atmosphere is laid-back and comfortable, and the food, all the way down to the four special sauces, is delicious. It may not be the cheapest option for lunch, but, from what we've experienced, you're ensured a fantastically tasty meal and great, helpful, service in a central location. Only guaranteed to be there for the next three months, Abi and I recommend you get down to Callender Street NOW!



Anonymous said...

Went here had the pork sandwich. Pork was cold didn't get any coleslaw and coke was poured from a tin. Wouldnt rush back can't see what all the fuss is about.

abigail*ryan said...

Hi Anon, sorry to hear it didn't live up to your expectations... that's a real shame, we really enjoyed both the meals we've had there to date, and, as we mentioned, we thought the platters were especially good as the sides are awesome!

Since they opened, they have switched to serving the sandwiches with fries, rather than chips + coleslaw... apparently Belfast consumers spoke, and Bubbacue answered! ;)

I think it's still awesome to have somewhere different, and tasty, in Belfast centre, where I would say there is still very little choice in general, but everyone has different tastes so I suppose you can't please everyone!

Thanks for your point of view! :)