Tuesday 18 May 2010


Our recent flurry of blogging has managed to increase our blog tally to 100 POSTS!!

We're rather pleased with ourselves about this, and hope you've been enjoying all the loveliness we've found- Abi and I promise to keep up the good work! We love doing the research and taking the time to find new and exciting things, so we hope you love reading as much as we love writing our little corner of the ether... :)

After a bit of think, we thought we'd celebrate this little milestone with a giveaway- one which will, hopefully, give us the chance to get to know our readers a little better. We'd love to know what you think of our blog and products, and we'd really love to make some more marvelous bloggy friends...

So...how do you enter, and what could you win?!

Well, all we'd like is for you to leave us a comment on this post telling us:

1/ What your favourite product from our range is.

2/ What you'd like us to expand into in the future (we have loads of plans for the coming year, but it's always good to get some input!).

3/ What you would like to see more of on our blog.

4/ If you've had a favourite post so far- which one was it?

Each comment will be numbered in order of posting, and we'll use a random number generator to choose the winner...

The prize?
A set of two of our 100% cotton teatowels...handprinted with abigail's fantastic botanical illustrations in turquoise and ink, and worth £21 + p&p.

How can you resist?!

The competition is open until friday 21st, 6pm GMT.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!



Caterine said...

1 - i love the gingko print coral and seafom. So my favourite product is your cushion in these colors and pattern.
2 - scarves would be so nice with your beautiful patterns and colors!
3 - i like your posts about what inspires you.
4 - a post i liked a lot was about haberdashery. found it! the one you posted on 28th of april. these picture were "tellement vous". looked like one pattern you should have designed together

Trish said...

1/ I adore everything in the range, but seem to have an addiction for tea towels... who knew one could need so many?! ;)

2/ Hmm... I'd love to see more items for table setting (tablecloths, napkins...); bedding (including blankets) would be exciting too; I also agree with Caterine's post, scarves would be lovely too!

3/ I'm always drawn to hearing about the creative process, how your work is progressing/developing.

4/ Oh, tough question! One that stands out is the "In the bedroom..." post (found it, it was April 7th); I loved that it included things you're inspired by, but also a direct application/connection to your own work and living space.

Congratulations on your 100th post! :)

hazeljoy said...

1. my favourite thing is ANYTHING in your ginkgo print (esp coral/seafoam or lime/ink)
2. i'd like to see you selling fabric by the metre! or skirts. i'd like a skirt in the ginkgo. or the sycamore scallop.
3. i like seeing the things you like and your work in progress, especially your sketches and drawings
4. my favourite post is 'getting down and dirty..!' (18th april) i LOVE a bit of gardening and i know that amazing feeling of finally having an outside space of your own

hope you're loving your new home, hazeljoy xx

ps. blogger isn't letting me sign in (as part of openid) and comment, so i hope this works!

Catherine Chandler said...

Congratulations on 100 posts!!!

1. I absolutely love the Sycamore scatter pattern, and the Sycamore tea towels in turquoise.
2. In the realm of homewares, I could see you guys creating placemats, cup cozies, even wine glass markers and dishware!
3. I love reading posts about what inspires you; where your ideas originate from.
4. My favorite post is "REally lovely..." from 4 May 2010, featuring cake stands. I love that you highlight things and ideas you love that people might not otherwise find.

Keep up the good work!

Amapanther said...

1. I am new to your blog, but I really love your Tea-towel, Sycamore: Turquoise.
2. I think you have such lovely prints that maybe you should thing of doing some totes.
3 and 4 --> I am really new to do blog so I can't answer

automaticsweetheart said...

1. i love all your pillows. the color combinations are the absolute best!

2. i would love to see a tea kettle cozy, or a toaster cozy (i'm a cozy fanatic, can you tell?), or pot holders added to the range. oh, and bed linens, too.

3. i too also like the posts dealing with the creative process and behind-the-scene sneak peeks. or any of the posts dealing with food. yum.

4. i think this post is my favorite: http://abigailryanblog.blogspot.com/2009/10/our-irish-linen-adventure.html
so neat to see inside the factory and to take part in your excitement of getting one step closer to launching your new brand.

congrats to you both. you make beautiful products.

Lisa Dora said...

1. I heart your gingko lime and ink, slate and pumpkin cushions but also love "the deeps" gift set. I just can't possibly make a decision they are too lovely ;)

2. I would think to expand the homewares and develope products further, like bed linen. Also maybe can turn into wall art as well. Imagine panels of fabric for head board....ymmmmmmmmmmm!

3. I also must say i enjoy seeing posts from behind the scene, points of inspiration and other things of fancy.

4. I rather liked your official launch post back in nov. All very exciting to see fruits of all your hard work since followed its development from beginning.

congrats all your 100th post and fingers crossed to be the lucky winner.

Wishing ye all the best.


Kirstin said...

1. I love the teal and hot pink ginko cushion (11'x19')

2. Light shades - either using the botanical prints, or with the botanical images cut out of the shade

3. hmmm not sure about this

4. My favourite post - I can't remember the title but it had a website with vintage homeware stuff like jelly moulds.

Cruz said...

I love botanical images, so products featuring botanicals almoat always appeal to me. That said, my favorite post was the one where A showed us some design inspiration for your new home; I love the intense colors and juxtapositions she envisioned. Thanks!

Pootlecat said...

Hey - congratulations and what a great idea!
1 - I covet the seafoam and coral draught excluder!
2 - I think roller blinds would be just swell in some of your fabrics.
3 - I like the little snippits of art that you show us, little beauties to inspire us all
4- loved the irish linen post (back in the autumn, but they are all great!

good luck in the new home!

abigail*ryan said...

Thanks so much for all your comments everyone - the giveaway is now closed!


xo A&R