Monday 17 May 2010

Trippin' over these shoes!

I have a deeply secret shame...I LOVE shoes. Not in a manly, cool, distanced fashionista kind of way, but a full on girly, squealy, giggly love for them. For the longest time, I even considered becoming a shoe designer (a milliner, too...I was/am rather indecisive!).

Anyway, pottering about online today, I found this shoe collection and gasped...I may even have wee'd a tiny bit.

So...for all you fellow shoe lovers, make yourself a nice cup of tea, get some biscuits, maybe even light a scented candle- get yourself in the zone for some shoefull bliss.

Click here, and enjoy. The samples above are just a tiny taster of what's to come!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh my god, I could not agree more. I was actually getting tears in my eyes these are the most beautiful shoes ever. I want all of them. I am acually debating whether to pay my rent or but a pair of these shoed