Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter...

Just a quick little post from all of us here at chez abigail*ryan... we've been super busy working recently, and out in the garden too, enjoying the sunshine (the pup more than the rest of us, to be honest - it's his new favourite place!)... so Angus is especially liking it - see how he's smiling for the camera with his new grown up set of teeth? ;))

(kills me!)

...we're having a BBQ tomorrow full of Easter fun, so I hope the wind stops blowing a little before then ;) It was causing me and my props a little bit of bother today, I'll tell you! Those are our new peg-bags btw...

Over and out from our current HQ, the kitchen, which is full of the smell of cakes and bread being baked ahead of tomorrow.

Hope your Easter weekend is a lovely one :)

xo Abigail, Ryan and Angus

A. Rubanesque...

We couldn't have been happier to stumble across the beautiful passementerie shop 'A. Rubanesque' when we were in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre in Dublin the other week...

A small, bijoux store, with enticing, exciting window displays that lured us in to find a cornucopia of ribbons, trimmings, lace, fabric, thread, sequins galore. I loved the ribbon displays all laid out in a colourful rainbow, and the selection was extremely unusual and appealing. It's so nice to not just find the same old things!

When in the store, I gushed to Ryan 'oh my goodness... this is like being in Mokuba in Paris', and, after visiting the website, I read that A. Rubanesque is the only stockist of Mokuba Ribbon on the British Isles... good spot, egh? ;)

I was incredibly strong as just came away with photos, which the management very kindly allowed me to take, but I doubt either Ryan or myself will manage to be quite so strong the next time ;)

Make sure to pay them a visit if you find yourself in Dublin-town sometime soon!


p.s. can you spot Ryan in the photo's? ;)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Article Dublin...

You may remember "Article" from our stockists page, and during our little jaunt down to Dublin to see Adele, we were lucky enough to see the shop for ourselves.

We want our customers to have the best buying experience they can, so we like to be pretty selective when it comes to choosing stockists. Sadly, we can't always visit our stockists in person, though, so we jumped at the chance to call in when we could.

In the stunning Powerscourt Townhouse Centre in the centre of Dublin's beautiful south side, "Article" is a little gem of a shop full of quirky gorgeousness. So irresistible were the wares, in fact, that we couldn't resist making a couple of purchases ourselves! The leaf embossed porcelain plate in the last photograph above is now destined for our newly painted hallway, and our kitchen is scented with the delicious aroma of one of "Article's" own range of scented candles- in the exotically woody and spiced 'Walnut and Ginger' scent. It was also a particular pleasure to meet the shops creator and curator, John- it's always wonderful to be able to put a face and voice to an email!

We're so glad we took the opportunity when we could, and "Article" will definitely be one of our first ports of call whenever we find ourselves in Ireland's capital.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Let's catch up!

Hello everyone - I don't quite know where to start as we have SO much to catch up on... it's been a really busy few weeks and our heads are spinning a little ;) We had a nice relaxing breakfast this morning to de-compress a little! Do you like my new tea-pot?!

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to, which we will be elaborating on over the next few days and sharing photos...

We were at the Liberty Open Call in London a few weeks back, and had a fantastic time meeting the buyers and pitching our abigail*ryan wares in our 3 minute (!) slot. It went really well and we were delighted with the feedback we received. We were even caught on camera, so we'll share the horror of bad angles soon ;)

Earlier this week we went down to Dublin to see Adele in concert, which I booked earlier in the year as an anniversary present for Ryan and I! We bussed it down and had a perfect day wandering around Dublin's lovely South Side, discovering beautiful shops and eateries... Adele that evening was absolutely *incredible*, our hotel was fab, and the next day was so nice we ended up wandering around for longer than we intended and spent the day having fun! We have loads of photos of all the gorgeous shops we discovered - so we will be sharing those over the next few days...

We got lots of new a*r print goods... new stickers, new business cards galore! We're all ready for our Trade Show in June! Can't wait to show you all...

The first of our Heirloom floor cushions is completed, so I am excited to share photos of that soon, too.

And, finally, if you read our facebook page, the long awaited recipe for Ryan's dairy free, egg free (vegan) chocolate and coconut gateaux, will be up soon. It was so. damn. tasty!

Back soon to share more biz!