Thursday 14 April 2011

Let's catch up!

Hello everyone - I don't quite know where to start as we have SO much to catch up on... it's been a really busy few weeks and our heads are spinning a little ;) We had a nice relaxing breakfast this morning to de-compress a little! Do you like my new tea-pot?!

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to, which we will be elaborating on over the next few days and sharing photos...

We were at the Liberty Open Call in London a few weeks back, and had a fantastic time meeting the buyers and pitching our abigail*ryan wares in our 3 minute (!) slot. It went really well and we were delighted with the feedback we received. We were even caught on camera, so we'll share the horror of bad angles soon ;)

Earlier this week we went down to Dublin to see Adele in concert, which I booked earlier in the year as an anniversary present for Ryan and I! We bussed it down and had a perfect day wandering around Dublin's lovely South Side, discovering beautiful shops and eateries... Adele that evening was absolutely *incredible*, our hotel was fab, and the next day was so nice we ended up wandering around for longer than we intended and spent the day having fun! We have loads of photos of all the gorgeous shops we discovered - so we will be sharing those over the next few days...

We got lots of new a*r print goods... new stickers, new business cards galore! We're all ready for our Trade Show in June! Can't wait to show you all...

The first of our Heirloom floor cushions is completed, so I am excited to share photos of that soon, too.

And, finally, if you read our facebook page, the long awaited recipe for Ryan's dairy free, egg free (vegan) chocolate and coconut gateaux, will be up soon. It was so. damn. tasty!

Back soon to share more biz!


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KELLY said...

morning folks! oh how i'd love to be tucking in to that feast :) my kitchen table is not looking quite so appetising...crayons and cheerios ahoy! your new teapot looks wonderful. makes the whole ceremony of the drink even more special.

i'm so excited that you did the liberty open call. just watched last year's on tv this week and it made me feel really happy to see talented artists getting a break. did you have to queue for an eterntity?

sounds like you have a great deal of positive things a-happening. looking forward to hearing more about it all and of course the awesome cake recipe ;)

love xXx
p.s. i wondered if you'd tried kara milk? seems quite new to the market...we got a sample a few weeks back. coconut :) it made a lovely rice pudding! now elsa is allowed to eat soya products too since her allergy level came down so we have a few new options. made your wee buns again this week...still a favourite! x