Tuesday 22 March 2011

Terrace House Softies...

Hi everyone...

Finally, a little bit of nice light today - which sent me snap happy with the camera!

Our Terrace House Softies, which are LIMITED EDITION... only one of each, and only five in total, are now online. I am quite in love with these, and they were so much fun for us to make, they will be a little hard to part with! In addition to all the lovely materials we used, I love our sycamore scatter cotton on the back... we use a different cotton for each edition we make...

Now you just need to decide which one you like best... pink door, orange door, blue door, yellow door or green door... TOO HARD, right? ;)

You can find them all here, in the shop!

We will be sharing a recipe for an amazing vegan chocolate and coconut gateaux Ryan made yesterday later today or tomorrow... it is disappearing rapidly in our kitchen, so at least we have photos of it to share before it's gone!

More soon,


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