Saturday, 23 April 2011

A. Rubanesque...

We couldn't have been happier to stumble across the beautiful passementerie shop 'A. Rubanesque' when we were in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre in Dublin the other week...

A small, bijoux store, with enticing, exciting window displays that lured us in to find a cornucopia of ribbons, trimmings, lace, fabric, thread, sequins galore. I loved the ribbon displays all laid out in a colourful rainbow, and the selection was extremely unusual and appealing. It's so nice to not just find the same old things!

When in the store, I gushed to Ryan 'oh my goodness... this is like being in Mokuba in Paris', and, after visiting the website, I read that A. Rubanesque is the only stockist of Mokuba Ribbon on the British Isles... good spot, egh? ;)

I was incredibly strong as just came away with photos, which the management very kindly allowed me to take, but I doubt either Ryan or myself will manage to be quite so strong the next time ;)

Make sure to pay them a visit if you find yourself in Dublin-town sometime soon!


p.s. can you spot Ryan in the photo's? ;)

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Emily Boyd said...

This place looks fab!

I miss there being a good haberdashery near where I am. The one in Perth went a couple of years ago and it's not easy to get things now. Though it has saved me money in the long run ;)

Em x