Wednesday 12 January 2011

Juicy Stuff!

Post Christmas, we treated ourselves to a new juicer with our pressie funds (we've both had a horrible run of bad health in 2010, and, although our diet is already pretty good, we wanted to up our vitamin intake naturally and increase our daily fruit and veg quotas! In short, it doesn't hurt to do everything you can!)... this juicer is not an ordinary juicer, though... oh no!

Most juicers work on a centrifugal system - which accounts for the warm temperature of the juice you end up drinking as the fibers get mashed and pulped to extract the liquid, and the foamy scum and their tendency to separate and discolour quickly... OUR juicer is a cold press, masticating single auger system which works the same way olive oils would be cold pressed. It makes sure ALL the vitamins and nutrients are pulled in to the juice in their purest form without destroying their integrity... the fibres are removed almost dry, and the juice can be kept for up to 2/3 days in the fridge, if you wanted - it's how BIG juice companies make their juice...

It's SOOO delicious! We're mostly having vegetable juices and just sweetening them a little with fruit...

So far, we've had Carrot, Apple and Ginger... Carrot, Celery, Mandarin, Apple & Orange... Cucumber, Celery and Apple and this morning, I had Cucumber, Celery, Apple and Grape. ALL DELICIOUS!!

What's more - we can make our own nut butters in this machine (amongst so much else!), and yesterday we made some healthy 'truffles' by processing a big bag of mixed nuts and dried fruit, rolling them in to balls (it comes out as a smooth paste) and then in coconut... so nice for a wee snack! Would be great for kiddies :)

Our machine is a VitalMax Oscar... and we can thoroughly recommend it!! Can't wait to try making sorbets in it using frozen fruit... it will be a fab desert option for Ryan, who can't eat dairy ice-creams! :)


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