Sunday 25 September 2011

Sunday Cake Goodness...

Oh my, it's been a busy Sunday!

Not only have I been running around doing all sorts of dull stuff like loads of washing (Ryan told me unless I did washed him some socks and be a better housewife I was totally chucked ;)) I have also been having a little bit of a refresh with the look on our blog and shop... we REALLY hope you like the new, brighter, cleaner look. We're loving it!

The Mister, wonderfully, whipped up this amazing banana cake today to take the stressful busy edge off... I'm on to my second slice right now, and sitting down to watch X-Factor with a cuppa. I think I've earned it ;)

Bon weekend to you all!

p.s. the cake is vegan. Who would like the recipe?


Maryellen said...

me!!!!! (p.s.--I thought of you the other day when I wore my gorgeous necklace made from interlocking circles--wish I could remember it's proper name!)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Me please!! :)
Vivienne x