Tuesday 25 December 2012

Christmas Cheer...

Wanted to stop by and share some scenes from our Christmas Day... spoilt rotten with amazing presents all round, delicious food and drink, and friends and family in our lives.

We are insanely happy, and blessed, with all the good things, people and opportunities in our lives - 2012 has been an amazing year, from our engagement last Christmas Day to our Wedding in September, we have had a whirlwind 365 days! Looking forward to another day off tomorrow with yummy xmas leftovers, then getting back to it, to work hard and make 2013 even better, if that's possible...

Hope you all had an amazing, AMAZING, Christmas Day, wherever you are, and thank you so much for your support throughout 2012.

Happy Holidays from a*r HQ!! xo

p.s. Ryan is asking me 'WHY' I always want to take our photo ;))) Can you tell?

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