Sunday 2 May 2010

Paint by Numbers...

I love these paintings by Paulina Archambault, a Polish artist now living in Munich with her American husband.

At their best, the stark simplicity, somehow, still manages to evoke an emotional response...a quiet sadness or delicate melancholy...their deep, dark, wide eyes suggesting an, almost overwhelmed, inquisitiveness.

I'm probably getting carried away with myself, but combined with the sadness...much more evident in some than others, and the dark eyes that could have seen too much, deadened but still wide with horror, the numbers scrawled in the corner of each painting begin to resemble holocaust tattoos; the little hats, yarmulkes.

What can you see in them?

Available at Etsy, and Dawanda.



studio.delucca said...

I have had my eye on these for quite some time and love them too!

there is something gentle, mischievous, alluring.... I don't know exactly what. I just love them.


abigail*ryan said...

I wasn't instantly sure about these when ryan posted them, but they very quickly grew on me and I can't stop thinking about that little lady in the middle...

...her obstinate little pout - as if she has really made her mind up to something... i love her so...

Thanks so much for stopping by!! We love hearing from you...Abigail@a*r xo