Saturday 1 May 2010

Mirror, Mirror...

Available at Graham&Green, priced £299

Mirrors are huge this season, in all shapes and sizes, but angled/ faceted mirrors, in particular, seem to be a massive trend...with versions available everywhere from designer boutiques, to high-street department stores.

I'm particularly taken with this instant wall of mirrors effect...different sizes of mirror fixed at different depths and angles to create dramatic abstract patterns in their reflections- adding interest to any room scheme, while doing the usual interior design tricks of brightening and making the room feel larger.

Which of these versions would you choose? Would you "Save or Splurge"?!

Available at Debenhams, priced £75

Available at Next, priced £115 (for all three)

Available at Dwell, priced £179

Available at Heal's, priced £475

Available at Graham&Green, priced £498


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