Friday 1 August 2014

'Natural' colour...

Abstract Flamingo - Vergil Kanne
source unknown (please let me know if you know who this lovely image belongs to)
Kelly Wearstler
Paul Juno 
original source unknown (let me know if you know who this belongs to!)

It's so fascinating when people say they like 'natural' colours, and identify colours like "grey, beige, taupe, stone, cream, white" etc

Have you ever seen anything so incredible as the COLOUR actually found in nature?

Where do you think 'colours' come from? I guess most people think that someone in a paint manufacturer years and years ago, or someone at pantone 'invented' them somehow. Right?
It's easy to see from these few images that there are no new colours under the sun... they are all pre-existing, for us to draw from, and be inspired by.

I absolutely adore looking at photographs of nature, with these extreme, amazing, fresh, vibrant, bold and unique colours, and combinations. They have nothing (and everything) to do with us, but I am so excited to draw from them when we design.

Here are five images I recently pinned to our 'Palette' board on Pinterest... it's hard to imagine they're real and 'natural', isn't it? Maybe we need to re-evaluate our thoughts on what 'natural' colour means.

How amazing to live in a world with colour like this?! And how amazing we get to bring this colour in to homes for a living.

Abigail x

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Unknown said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I think there's an attitude that 'natural' colours (well, the greys/tans/etc) are somehow more sophisticated but no one can say that this sort of beauty that is actually found in nature isn't mind-blowingly stunning. Wonderful thoughts xxx