Wednesday 11 June 2014

Garden glories...

Summer has been a mixture of absolutely gorgeous days, and a few torrential ones, too, so things have been a little late to flower... BUT, our beautiful year old Clematis has bounced back well, and is covered in beautiful blooms and buds.

I'm in love with the crinkly, crispy, interesting edges and rogue double flowers, and can't wait to draw it (perhaps it will become a new pattern?!)... I even love the bits where the caterpillers have had a nibble, makes for really interesting forms.

The boys are loving running around outside, too - sniffing, digging and mischief making. Hamish just turned a year old and is a cheeky wee bundle... Angus is as grumpy as ever. Love them.

 Looking forward to a long, hot, summer and more of the same!

1 comment:

Alex - The Interior DIYer said...

Such beautiful (and well coordinated) colours, I can easily see how you're inspired!

p.s. Your babies remind me of Ewoks every time I see them! LITTLE FURRY FACES.