Saturday 20 July 2013

Decorating with abigail*ryan Wallpaper...

I'm really having a rather large amount fun imagining what I would buy and collect if I was designing a room from scratch with each of our Wallpaper, Fabric and Cushions as the basis... though I don't think there's ever anything better for an authentic and interesting home than to collect pieces slowly through your life and treasure and re-imagine them in different places and groups in your house, it's fun to think what big pieces you might add if money were no object, or you were designing for a client...

So... without further ado, this is what I would create around our Cosmo Margarita Wallpaper!

I really wanted to accent and bring out the deep olive green/chocolate brown line-work which featured strongly in the Cosmo illustrations, and thought the  Olive Velvet sofa, and chocolate Spindle lampshade would do this beautifully, all the while setting off the matching Margarita Cushions. I really wanted to add a touch of eclecticism, so added the vintage Tretchikoff print, and instantly loved the flash of turquoise along with the green-grey and yellow which tones well with the paper. I emphasised this even more with the addition of the incredible paper-mache Chandelier (okay, I want this for my kitchen, too!) and the pineapple wall sconce. And what about that rug? Oh my! I really could happily live in this scheme, and if we didn't have two dogs, that velvet sofa would be mine. I'm hoping we can find something similar in leather soon.

Hope you're enjoying this little decorating imagining project. What do you think you might add to this scheme? Could you live with this layered and eclectic look?

Shopping List - Clockwise from top: Ceramics, Tortus Copenhagen / Pineapple Wall Sconce, Abigail Ahern / The Chinese Girl, Vladimir Tretchikoff (for vintage and modern reproductions, try eBay) / Spindle Floor Lamp, Habitat / Sofa (I found this on a google search but there's no original source, let me know if you know where this is from!) / Overdyed Grove Rug, Rugs USA / Pyrite Painting, (the incredible) Carly Waito (framed, I am imagining, in a vintage gilt piece) / abigail*ryan Cosmo Margarita Cushions / abigail*ryan Cosmo Margarita Wallpaper / Serena Chandelier, Stray Dog Designs.

Happy weekend to all!


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