Saturday 3 November 2012

Red Carpet Manicure!

Let's talk manicure's... more specifically, GEL manicures. You know, those wonderful long lasting ones that give you glossy hard-wearing nails for up to two/three weeks. Yes, those. I for one, am in love with them! 

Working with my hands every day has meant that although I LOVE to look after my nails, and paint them, I never got more than a day or two out of my nail polish, which meant the hour or so it took me to do them really ate into my working week. Cue Red Carpet Manicure... 

My mother in law bought me a gel kit (after I had tried, and loved, hers!) which she had bought on QVC. It came with all the tools and prep bits you needed to get your nails ready for the easy three step curing process, which you paint on like normal nail polish (base, colour (2 coats) and top coat), curing each layer under your little portable LED light for about 45 seconds. When you're done, you're DONE! Your nails are glossy, hard, and totally dry... which takes a little getting used to, it's so great. 

I am more than a little obsessed with nail art, as you can see from my pinterest board, Polish It, so I am so happy that I have figured out how to include glitter (Martha Stewart Craft Glitter is the BEST!) in my mani, and I am excited to try out lots of different colour combinations and designs. 

So far, I only have four Red Carpet Manicure Colours - and they're all GORGEOUS! I can't wait to get more... It was previously quite hard to chose from the colour card, though I'm delighted they've updated their website, as I had found them quite different in person, but my local Sally's has started doing them, so it's great to be able to see them in the flesh, too. 

I want to spread the word far and wide about this amazing home kit, as it's so easy and really awesome for people who work with their hands - believe me, it's almost impossible to break a nail (so I was able to grow great length for our Wedding, which I normally can't do!) so it's a life-saver if you're busy, but want to look polished.

Yay for nails!

A @ a*r

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kathryn said...

I'm really tempted to invest in a kit ! its the same as 3 manicures for me, and the colour range is so good !!