Tuesday 6 November 2012

Heirloom for Liberty...

Before the Wedding, we undertook the huge task of creating a line of exclusive Heirloom Patchwork Quilts for our favourite store in the world...Liberty London

It took us a LOOOOONNNNG time to turn the 1400+ little squares of abigail*ryan's finest cotton, along with gorgeous Irish linen, in to these quilts in time for keeping some lucky people warm this Winter, but it was totally worth it. Each quilt have over 35 hours of careful hand-work in them, so they truly are a labour of love and an item we intend to be able to be handed down through the generations... getting better and better with love and use.

We are incredibly proud of these gorgeous creations, each containing all of our a*r patterns, and hope you love them, too. They will debut in store shortly, so head to Liberty if you would like a look!
Fear not, we will have some more Quilts debuting on the website shortly!


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