Friday 13 January 2012

We're in a BOOK!

...this morning, a copy of Alison McNicol's Craft Business Heroes arrived at our door - and we were over the top excited to flick to page 118 and see our names in print!

Alison has released the Craft Business Heroes book as a companion book to The Craft Business Handbook (which we will be reviewing here shortly!) and it contains 30 interviews from Creative Entrepreneurs which makes for a VERY interesting read indeed, if we do say so ourselves!

Topics from how you started, to Trade Show experiences and working practice are covered, and it is really great to hear how other Creatives started their business and are finding their way through all the challenges that come your way!

Thanks so much to Alison for including us in her book - you can follow her group on Facebook too.

Bon weekend, all!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Congrats on getting your names in print not just the book though but in the new issue of Mollie Makes too!! My copy has just dropped through the letter box and I was having a quick flick through and there you were!! Well done. :)
V x

Julie-White Tapestry said...

That's exciting! So nice when hard work pays off!