Monday 16 January 2012

Confetti (thoughts)...

One thing I never truly realised about getting engaged, was how all-encompassing thinking about what kind of Wedding you would like, and all the little details involved, could be! I have already had a few sleepless nights with ideas spinning around my head, and we haven't even set a date yet... (yes, really!)...

We stumbled across an amazing UK based supplier today - The Real Flower Confetti Company - that I am sure will be a MUST for our big day! We both adore the idea of confetti - and adore the idea of real petal confetti even more. To have found a supplier who grows, and dries, their own amazing selection of flowers is fantastic... and now, all we have to decide is which petal to go for?

I vote Hydrangea (isn't the pale green just gorgeous?) but then, Wildflower is pretty stunning, too.

You see, DECISIONS! ;)


all images courtesy of The Real Flower Confetti Company

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