Monday 19 December 2011

Festivities, finally...

I have been *trying* to get a moment to get our house all Christmassy for... um... maybe two weeks now!? Well, yesterday, I was going to get it done come hell or high water! It was decided.

I spent the day cleaning and tidying the house (which was more work than could possibly be imagined as I finally had to tackle the mass of tea-towel stock that had been lying around in boxes for weeks (months!) and work detritus which always manages to creep all through the house), so, when it was all finally finished, it was already late, and dark and I was exhausted, but I could finally set the tree up... yay...

Always lovely, though, unwrapping loved decorations and finding the perfect spot for them! I did have Ryan untangle the lights, though, as knots make me full of rage and we couldn't take the chance that I would burst and untangle them with scissors or something like that! ;)

So nice to wake up this morning (dark and rainy) and be able to light up the tree and revel in the twinkling... it's finally Christmas and we are all set for a week of final orders leaving, wrapping presents, festive cooking and more regular than we would like cleaning of the floors as Angus leaves muddy footprints in his wake every time he comes in from the garden (won't it freeze outside, please!?)... Merry Merry!

Hope you're all set for a good week as we slide on in to the Holidays!

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Karin said...

merry Christmas Abigail!