Friday 11 November 2011

Hilary Grant MITTENS!

I decided to take a little break from work yesterday and get out the gorgeous Hilary Grant DIY mitten kit my Mum had bought me last Christmas (yes, yes, I know it's almost a year ago but I have literally blinked and missed the last 10 months... now I am cold again!) ... several hours of lovely making followed and now, I have a pair of pretty mittens to keep my paws warm. LOVE them!

Above is a little work in progress sequence to show how I made them (as per instruction!). The only change I made was to whip-stitch through the blanket stitched edge with the second colour of wool I got in the pack to give them a piped edge look... I think I got a little carried away enjoying the sewing ;) As you can see by the second from last photo, it got pretty dark - so I shot them again this morning to show the detail...

For those of you who don't know, Hilary Grant is a super talented and lovely knitwear designer based in Dundee, Scotland. Her work is absolutely gorgeous, and her current collection is inspired by the patterns she finds in the street combined with traditional motifs found in Scottish and Scandinavian textiles... most of her knitting is done using the Fairisle technique which allows her textiles to have beautiful intricate patterns and a wonderful mixture of colours within each piece... all are made from the highest quality lambswool, which is super soft. Something I can attest to with my new mitts! ;)

Some of my favourite pieces from Hilary include her super long *gorgeous* PomPon Scarfs and of course, the DIY Mitts! You can purchase these lovelies from her online shop...

Thanks Hilary for such lovely MITTS!

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Hilary Grant said...

Thanks for writing the post Abigail and Ryan! I'm really glad to see you enjoyed making your mitts and I love the contrast stitch on it too- love to see people coming up with different things on their mittens!