Friday 28 October 2011

Hello Korean Food...

One of the things we miss most about Glasgow (aside from friends et family, of course!) is Korean food at Shilla on Argyle Street... they have a wesbite for the Edinburgh branch, but not for Glasgow - still, it was an awesome lunch which we hugely enjoyed. If I could transport this modest little restaurant to Belfast, I would. In a flash!

Ryan and I were there with our friend Helen (of the lovely farm, fame!) and we had a yummy selection of goodies.

First off, delicious complimentary pickles (gorgeous tasty cucumber, ever so slightly sharp, wilted sesame garlicky greens and then beansprouts which were very unusual and almost tasted meaty and smokey - all good)... then starters of Ddouk Bok Yi (Mochi-type dumpling in Chilli sauce), Mo Dum Twi Jim (Tempura King Prawn and Veg!) and mains of Hoe Deop Bab (Raw salmon on sticky rice with vegetables and chilli sauce, served with miso soup), Dol Sot Bi Bim Bab (Beef with boiled rice, egg and exotic vegetables in a hot stone pot) and finally Oh Jingo Uh Bokum (stir fried squid and veg in a spicy sauce with rice)...

Each and every dish was incredibly good and we had such a good time. I may cry a little to have to sail further away from this good place come Sunday. Go if you can!!

:) A@a*r

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