Tuesday 11 October 2011

A gaggle...

...of *beautiful* Greylag Geese landed on the green in front of our house this morning! There was about twenty of them, poking around, eating some greens and I couldn't resist heading outside with my camera to get some shots.

I didn't want to go too close and scare them as they were right on the road, but they happily trotted off after a wee while to find another patch of grass and I think they will have a very nice day wandering around. :)

What a nice start to the day! Aren't their feathers stunning?

Happy Tuesday, all.


p.s. we phoned the RSPB to let them know they were here in case it was anything rare and they needed tagging or monitoring, but they assured us it's normal for this time of year so we will have to keep an eye out from now on!


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! That grey color is so pretty with the orange bills and feet. Around here (Wisconsin, USA) we're inundated with Canada geese flying south. They're big, striking birds but we see them so much that now they're just part of the scenery.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

They are beautiful, what a lovely surprise for you this morning!
Lurgan Park has some permanant Greylag geese, I love their orange beaks and feet, last year in the snow they were stunning. :)
Vivienne x