Tuesday 23 November 2010

Castle Ward Craft Fair Weekend...

Hi everyone - we're back from a brilliant weekend at Castle Ward where we were exhibiting at Crafted 2010...

It was a really successful weekend for us, and our brand new lavender bags and tweed roofed houses went down a storm for Christmas gifts! Here are a few shots from our wee corner...we were really happy with our stand, and now those fairy light are adorning our living room as they made us feel so cheerful! ;)

We have a little bit of re-stocking to do, however, we are hoping to get our new items photographed this week and online for sale asap!

It is *so* cold here, and being in the basement of a big stone castle only made it colder... this was me on day one, but by day three, I was three layers of knitwear deep, plus scarves and the hat. Ryan, and my folks were the same - I'm sure we looked like abominable snowmen!!

For all of you who visited our stand, or purchased some a*r goods, many thanks for stopping by... :)

Back soon,


p.s. we've heard our teatowels are going to be with us at the end of the week, and we are over the top excited to see them, and share!!! eeeep!


Mama V said...

You two are adorable! I wish you many successes this holiday season.

KELLY said...

your stall looks wonderful...and you look v cosy there in amongst those quilty things abigail!

i'm not surprised your new wares flew off the table. they really are the sweetest and those lucky recipients who'll find one in their christmas stocking : )

looking forward to seeing all the pieces listed on the compooter shop! xXx