Tuesday 4 May 2010

Take a load off...

My entire flat is currently an upside-down (organised) disaster as I prepare for my move to Belfast this weekend... so, I got to thinking: wouldn't this splendid little sofa seat be the most perfect oasis of calm to snuggle up on to and read a book?

Yes... I think so.

*imagining heading down to Habitat right now to get one*

le sigh.



Emily Boyd said...

That is really beautiful!

...if only I had the best part of £500 to spend on anything!

Hope the move goes well! :)

abigail*ryan said...

Oh I know... me too...

We can dream, right?? And possibly not eat ever again so we can save up! ;))

...thanks so much for the wellwishes. On the final straight now! x

Anonymous said...

Let's get one each - I'm sore enough and I bet you are too after today!

Emily Boyd said...

I think I dream pretty furniture too much and it's all either impossibly expensive things like that beautiful chair or antique stuff you can never find!

It's really lucky I don't have anywhere to furnish!

Wonder if you could build one 8) few giant cushions and some ingenuity, then you could definitely have one each. x