Friday 30 October 2009


Sorry for our absence over the last week or so... rest assured we have not been taking it easy, rather, working like trojans to finish all our abigail*ryan goodies ready for launch.

This last week we have been buried under a pile of marking out, cutting {and more cutting - 33 metres of linen, anyone?}, hemming and sewing - but we are slowly, slowly getting there and building a pile of stock we are hugely proud of as we go.

This morning, our tea-towels arrived and we are over the moon. We will share those soon!

In between our textile and homewares adventures, we have also been working steadily on new jewellery - both Ryan, and I ...and will soon be unveiling a whole host of new jewellery designs...

But now, to bed. One thing we are not doing quite enough of right now is sleeping! ;)

More soon,



Trish said...

Wow, what an exciting time this is! I cannot wait to see all of these amazing creations! Best wishes for all of your work ahead. I am eagerly standing by to see more. ;)

Vivienne Percy said...

I wish I could help you with all that cutting and pinning..... never mind, it will be worth it and such a great achievement when you step back and all that gorgeous material has been converted into beautiful things people can have in their home. Think of the pleasure these beauties will give for years to come!
Great work both of you! I'm so proud of you both....