Monday 30 September 2013

The Craft House at Hartley Hall...

We were contacted several months ago by the lovely Interior Designer & Stylist and Jacob Street owner, Maureen Collins, to take part in The Craft House - a specially curated show home at Hartley Hall in Greenisland, which showcased some of the best art and design talent in Northern Ireland.

Well, the house was completed a couple of weeks ago after a huge amount of hard work and creativity from Maureen, and the Press Launch was last Friday evening.

We went along, and it was lovely to get chatting to all the other designers and makers who had taken part. I snapped some pictures of our Wallpaper, Cushions and Fabric which had been used upstairs in the second bedroom. We absolutely loved seeing the Cosmo Florimetric Fabric on the beautiful antique chair Maureen had chosen... and our Wallpaper used to line the fab Deco-style wardrobe she had also painted.

Hartley Hall Craft House, in Greenisland, is open on Sunday's 2-4pm. You can read a bit more about it on their facebook page, and on their blog, the Crafty Rabbit.

Thanks so much to Maureen for doing such a lovely job with our wares!

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Unknown said...

Oh I love it on the inside of the wardrobe and the chair looks fab too! xxx