Tuesday 9 July 2013

Introducing: Hamish...

Meet Hamish... the newest addition to the Bell family, and abigail*ryan HQ.

We picked him up on Sunday, the day he turned seven weeks old, and brought him home from his litter of seven to start his new life with us, and Angus. He is a Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu cross..

Angus doesn't really know what to make of him, and is quite grumpy and cross with us, and moody in general (I'm not sure if he really realises Hamish is a dog, because he's been so lonely and keen to see other dogs, that's the main reason we started thinking about getting him a chum!). But, he's coming around with a lot of love, and after doing lots of reading, we're making sure to do all the right things to cement and reinforce his top dog status. I think they will be best of friends by the end of the week!

It's so SO warm in Belfast (gorgeous weather), it's just a tangle of wriggly squiggly overly warm pups crashing out to sleep away most of the day in a shady spot... Hamish is doing brilliantly, using his training mat like a pro, and eating and drinking like the greedy one of seven he is. He's an absolute dote, and pretty much follows me around like a shadow every moment he isn't sleeping.

Anyway, enjoy these first little snaps. And Hamish, we love you already.

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