Tuesday 24 July 2012

Wholefoods Glasgow aka Heaven!

This evening, ahead of scooting back home to Belfast tomorrow morning, we nipped to Wholefoods in Giffnock, Glasgow and oh-my we were not disappointed!

I had only ever been to one in California, and Ryan was a Wholefoods virgin but we have been taunted with tales from friends in London and Glasgow ever since it opened in the uk! Beautiful fresh, vibrant fruit and vegetables... Impeccably presented meat and fish counters, beautiful blue and green eggs from organic free range happy chickens! Really inviting produce, much of which was competitively priced, especially basics like artisan bread, milk and butter. We were wowed by the patisserie section, and spent a lot of time browsing the confectionery aisle. If we hadn't been getting on a boat tomorrow morning, we would have done a LOT more damage!

I think Wholefoods acts as an amazing example to other UK supermarkets, not only in terms of variety and quality of produce (where, let's face it, they are leading the pack!) but also with store merchandising and design - it's no accident the shelves are a very pleasing colour of matt green, the signage inventively and bespokely created from found objects, but all these things make the experience feel special and unique! The staff work hard keeping the store looking good, and many other supermarkets could take a leaf out their book...

Now all they need to do is open one in Belfast and my world will be complete! Please?!


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Anonymous said...

yes - but what about the prices???

Wholefoods = Whole paychecks!!!