Sunday 3 June 2012

Rainbow Diamond Jubilee...

Absolutely loving this Rainbow chart from Vogue, showing her Majesty the Queen in all her beautiful colourful outfits over the years... we love how much she embraces colour in her head to toe looks, and want to take this opportunity to wish her our very heartfelt congratulations on her Diamond Jubilee!

It's so wonderful to see everyone celebrating, out on the streets in the UK, having parties, drinking tea & eating buns, making connections (being neighbours!) and looking to all that is good and cheerful in this not especially cheerful economic time, even just the country dressed up in colour is happy-making... makes you proud to be British, and able to embrace the very British 'chin up' spirit!

Looking forward to be in London in a few days time to catch the tail end of the festivities.


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greenrabbitdesigns said...

It has been a wonderful weekend, I have an urge to visit London myself!
Vivienne x