Thursday 3 May 2012

Wedding Fever!

Sorry it's been a little quiet around these parts of late! We've been pretty busy, between a fab trip to London and planning the biggest event of our lives! ;)

You might have guessed from our something to celebrate post a wee while back, but we have set a date for our Wedding... And it's not far off at all!

September 28th to be exact. THIS year!! We're so excited.

After getting so wrapped up in choosing venues and big days, and budgets, we took a step back, re-thought the whole thing and have created a really intimate day, full of the closest people in our lives and a much more low key affair all round. It feels very 'us'. It feels just right.

We will be sharing lots of little details over the coming months as we design and create every aspect of our day ourselves and in true abigail*ryan style, so stay tuned... We will also share deets of the awesome people we are working with to make the day extra special.

But, for now, a wee sneak of our save the date invites!



Raven said...

That bracelet is gorgeous - are you using is as a colour guide?

abigail*ryan said...

Yes... it was my grandmothers :)

Ryan found an awesome navy tweed jacket the day we booked our wedding, so suddenly our colours were in that kind of family and the bridesmaids are in blue... so I instantly thought of this bracelet for my 'something blue' :)