Monday 21 May 2012

Details, details...

After booking our ceremony date a few months ago, we happened to cut through Marks and Spencer straight afterwards, and while their spring sale was on. There we found a beautiful hand woven tweed blazer that we both fell in love with, and it fitted Ryan like a dream, the last one left in his size! It seemed a little like fate, so we bought it and knew this would be what he wore for our Wedding day. When we got home, we found beautiful bridesmaids dresses in a perfectly toning pale blue-grey on Asos, and spotted some gorgeous hand-made navy leather brogues with red soles (the tweed has a hint of rusty red through it) on TK Maxx (our shoe bargain heaven of choice!) - before we knew it we had our colour-scheme, all centered around this jacket, and a big chunk of our to-do list ticked off... everything came together so quickly, it all felt just right, and, well, awesome!

Since then, we have been keeping our eyes out for the right shirt/tie/trousers to complete Ryan's look and yesterday we hit the jackpot. Anyone who has been following my wedding Pinterest board might realise I am a little obsessed with blue hydrangea (thank goodness we are getting married in season!) so when we found this shirt with BLUE HYDRANGEA on it we knew fate had dealt us another good hand...

Really enjoying having the details for our Wedding come together so naturally, and serendipitously. We are intent on keeping to a very strict budget for our big day (and are big bargain hunters at the best of times, anyway) so it's really nice to know that you don't have to spend a fortune, or go the utterly traditional route, to get something extra special and a little different.

Having a really strong idea of your theme, colour palette and aesthetic means you can take the time to shop the sales, take advantage of discount days online and take your time piecing your looks together... we're so happy we're doing this, and know it will lead to a beautiful day that won't leave us in a huge amount of debt when starting our married life! Yet another thing to look forward to!


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