Tuesday 14 February 2012

Yellow and Green...

Oh my goodness - I am rather excited. Having just updated to the new blogger editor, I guess we have awesome extra large images... that is something VERY nice for a Tuesday morning!

I rescued these little daffodils from the front garden after they got trampled in an epic weekend ivy-cull on the front of the house, I couldn't bear to leave them after they've been pushing up and being all promising for the last few weeks. They've done so well indoors, I am tempted to bring in the rest, just in case we get a cold snap...

Just stopping in to wish everyone a very happy valentines day - are you doing anything nice? I'm cooking asparagus with poached eggs to start, beef stew (Ryan's favourite) and probably some little crumbled with soya custard. Getting stuck in sorting the workshop/paperwork out today, so nothing romantic about that! ;)

Happy new week, all.

A@a*r xo

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