Thursday 2 February 2012

abigail*ryan does WEDDINGS!

Ooh, we're so excited! This has been a long time coming, you see.

Last year we made a cake for Ryan's Mum, which caused quite a stir! It took us almost a whole week to make and decorate, and we had a blast. We were very tempted to give everything up and just make cakes for a living... ;) Since then, we have had a lot of requests for the sugar decorations we made which adorned the cake, namely, my hand-painted Butterflies and our stylish white pollen-centred Daisies.

Now that we are planning our own Wedding, our mind is on these things again, and we have decided to offer them in our shop, in the special section we have created for all things celebratory (yes, we will be adding more!)... so, even if you're not planning a Wedding, these would be perfect for a gorgeous childrens party, a special birthday, any time when you have cake and you want some pretty!

We hope you love them as much as we do...

Abigail @ abigail*ryan


Michelle said...

Such pretty decorations. I've been reading through you're blog, it's a joy to read, so fun and inspiring!

rebekah said...

The butterflies are so lovely! I can't believe they're handmade.

abigail*ryan said...

Thanks Ladies! So glad you like ;)