Tuesday 24 January 2012

Oh January...

Hmm... it's a funny old month so far. We're staying up far too late and sleeping in far too much, and as a result, the overwhelming mood around here is, well, of DARKNESS! The day is almost over before it begins.

Yellow-tinged photos by lamp-light don't have much appeal, and honestly, neither does an 8am start each day which is the only good light to be had - so here it is, what we've been up to with an artificially lit hue...

Hot chocolate I made as a little early evening pick-us-up last Friday (boy, was it ever good!) and an embroidery I have been working on today... I have something brewing here, will share very soon. I'm excited! Can you tell in the dark? ;)

I was saying to my MIL last week that I *really* missed the light in my old flat, (seriously check this out, and this, and these! le sigh) - especially at this time of year! High ceilings and big white-ish walls are as distant a memory as Spring and bunches of bold and bright flowers through the house... one day, we will get both of those back, I am sure. Springtime first, no doubt.

It was our THIRD anniversary on Sunday, so that was a lovely bright-point in all the darkness. We dined by candle-light and ate a beautiful beef stew (Ryan's request), peanut and chocolate cup-cakes and drank champagne (an engagement gift) in our new crystal glasses (also an engagement gift!) and talked through plans for our wedding.

Guess January isn't so bad after all, egh!?


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