Saturday 26 November 2011

Book Review: The Liberty Book of Home Sewing...

A few months ago, Ryan surprised me with (as far as I am concerned!) one of the craft book releases of the YEAR! The Liberty Book of Home Sewing... I was extremely excited when I opened it...

Now, obviously, we run a business with foundations of sewing, designing sewn products and fabric, but that in no way took the sheen off how inspiring this book is for me!

From the moment you pick up the book, you appreciate the details: The fabric cover, so tactile, and beautifully embossed with the title. And as soon as you open the book you are greeted with bright and breezy end pages, printed with gorgeous Liberty designs! It's certainly a good start ;)

... going forward, you turn page after page of inspiring sewing projects - from pretty frilly aprons, door-stops, or even kimono-dressing gowns where you can be inspired by the combinations of colours and fabrics the stylists and authors have so (seemingly) effortlessly woven together. The feel of the book is upbeat, with cheerful hand-drawn step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and engaging. The projects themselves, are like jewels you would happily lay down a lot of money for in a shop, and you are excited about the prospect of being able to create yourself!

I personally think this would be a wonderful book for beginner and more experienced sewers alike. It's really an exercise in learning how wonderfully all sorts of patterns, colours, scales of prints and textures can work together... as a serious colour and print enthusiast, I loved it!

Yet another wonderful release from the Liberty team, and a fabulous glimpse in to their fabric collection, somehow capturing the feel of their haberdashery department (which is one of my favourites) for those who might not be able to visit in person.

I would certainly recommend this book. Sitting down with this, and a cup of good tea on a sunny afternoon is a VERY nice way to spend some time.

Don't miss Liberty's wonderful SEW LIBERTY club, where you can find some How to Make Videos and downloadable patterns...


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greenrabbitdesigns said...

I could quite happily move into Liberty's haberdashery dept and live there permanently! :)