Thursday 11 August 2011

Get well soon Angus...

It's been a long day here at a*r HQ... we woke up to a very poorly puppy indeed.

Angus had been very unwell in the night (he had been ill the day before... Ryan had named it the poopocalypse, but today was poopmageddon - for SURE)... ugh...

We rushed our limp and out of it wee chap to the vets in a big blanket, after a nice warm shower to clean him up and try and warm him up, too - and he has to stay there overnight on an IV fluids drip and has had lots of medicine to make him feel better.

Thanks to the lovely vet at Vets4Pets in Carrick for taking such good care of him.

Please keep your fingers crossed he will be better and home with us very soon. We miss the wee guy! :((


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