Saturday 9 July 2011

Scrappy Log-Cabin...

Running a good three hours behind, today - it's been a slow burn kind of day... breakfast at noon, lunch at 4 ish... chicken just put in the oven at 8pm... I guess we will eat dinner around 9.30?

We both felt a little inspired to head to the workshop (i.e. the kitchen) around 6...Ryan working on some gorgeous scrappy log cabin with some mixed sycamore scatter and linen bits, and me, picking up my elderflower leaf embroideries again... I got some new floss threads, and they are taking a little bit of getting used to as they are not quite as silky as my previous brand! Enjoying playing with my stitches again, anyway...

Nice way to spend a Saturday! Tomorrow is a birthday lunch for Ryan's Mum. Cannot quite believe that it was a year ago we were throwing a party (weekend party for weekday bday), and had just finished this cake! Wow - time flies when you're happy and busy, egh? ;)

What are you doing this weekend?? Hope it's a happy one!

A@a*r x

p.s. i love the back of patchwork, so much! Don't you?


robyn said...

love that scrappy log-cabin. It inspires me to want to take out my sewing machine and look through my fabrics to make my own :)

abigail*ryan said...

Thanks Robyn :)

I really enjoyed making it- my first ever attempt at log cabin, and i'm delighted with how it turned out, and how nice a process it is.

I think it'll be becoming (another!) cushion for our living room tomorrow- just have to decide if i'll cut it down for a small cushion, or add a linen border for a massive one!