Friday 22 July 2011

Rocking Friday Night...

Friday night for a lot of people equals drinks out, fancy dinner maybe... celebrating the week behind you, and beginning the weekend with a bang. What are we doing, you may ask...?

Quilting! Oh yeah, baby, that's right ... working late on a Friday night is just how we roll... ;)

Bowls of wheetabix with banana, the pup on the floor at our feet (of course, finding something to snuggle on he shouldn't... but doesn't he have great taste!) and making a jolly-good mess on the kitchen table designing some new patchwork blocks...

I know you're thinking: is that an angel-fish I can see!?

Why yes, it is...!! Awesome to the max, right? ;)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend to come. Hope you're having as a nice a Friday night as us, however you happen to be spending it!

x A@a*r


Alexandra said...

Your friday nights sound very similiar to ours :)

abigail*ryan said...

Ooh- what did you make, Alexandra? We'd love to hear about it. I had a look at your blog- i'm in awe of anyone who can make clothes...i'm still not brave enough to try!


nadia said...

sounds like a perfect friday night to me!!!