Tuesday 28 June 2011

Peg Bags, in the Shop!

Finally - even though we made these months ago, I have just managed to get them photographed and in the shop... I guess it's all the lovely weather, makes me want to dry my laundry outside!

Not only is it the eco-friendly option (saving you electricity on a tumble-dryer) it also makes your washing smell amazing!

Our peg bag is made from screen printed unbleached cotton, and we have french seamed all the edges and double stitched everything so the envelope style pouch will last you for years... we sourced vintage trouser hangers, and then hand sawed them to size, so you have a great hanging hook for on your line, or on a hook when not in use. Each peg bag comes with 10 old fashioned wooden pegs, which, I think, work the best... and look the best, too ;)

They come in two colours... inky blue, and turquoise... so, happy shopping - you can find them right HERE, for just £16.50 each. Oh, and there are under 10 of each available...

We hope you like them!

Abigail @ abigail*ryan

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