Thursday 6 January 2011

Cube Marketplace...

The bottom photo is from thedelicious life blog! :)

CUBE is a beautiful cafe, cheesebar and marketplace located in Los Angeles, CA...

We are delighted to announce that our full range of abigail*ryan tea-towels are now winging their way to the States to be in lovely company amongst all the other goodies you can choose from!

If we ever make it to LA in person we will certainly be popping in to sample some of the gorgeous treats on offer - but, in the meantime, it's really VERY lovely to know our linens will be making the trip for us, and finding their way to lots of new homes...

Thanks so much to the team at CUBE!!


p.s. you'll be pleased to know that our new teatowels that went out of stock SO QUICKLY before xmas (thanks to cube, terrain and you guys!) are away to print again... they'll be back in approx 3 weeks!

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