Friday 17 December 2010


It started snowing here last night - perfect, powdery, blustery snow, and it didn't stop. We woke up to 4" of the white stuff, deep and crisp and even... it's like a winter wonderland.

Angus loved it when we took him out this morning, and was bounding around like mad!

We even have icicles on our front window - neither of us have ever seen them, in person, in our lives! Really quite extreme weather for us...

...the snow started again in the early afternoon while we were out playing, and several more inches of our garden are now buried.

Who knows how deep it will be by morning!?

Hope you're enjoying your snow days...what's it like where you are?


1 comment:

Trish said...

Great photos! Looks like a dream.

There isn't nearly enough snow in Toronto, especially by Canadian standards. ;)