Monday 15 November 2010

Round the houses...

A wee bit of fun from us this week, ahead of attending and exhibiting at the Crafted Craft Fair at Castle Ward next weekend...

Some small bits of softness, for little hands to hold and squish or to decorate a small persons bedrooms - all in the form of little houses. What wee one (or big one, for that matter) wouldn't want to choose their perfect house combo?!

Hand-woven Scottish tweed roofs, Irish linen facade's, Italian lambskin leather doors (oh-so buttery soft) and hand embroidered window panes...I love lining them all up to make terraces ;)

More from the sewing studio all this week as we work on more quilts, brand new cushions, fill yet more lavender bags and all sorts more besides!

See you soon!


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Lisa Dora said...

these are brilliant!