Wednesday 25 August 2010

Too-wit, too-woooooooo!

I'm loving this fantastic owl jumper I found in lovely knitting blog, "needled". The writer, Kate Davis, is currently recuperating after an illness, so we're sending her some patented abigail*ryan good vibes!

Kate's use of a simple cable and buttons to create such charming little animals is genius, and the other patterns she has made available are just as lovely (if a bit beyond my basic knitting skills!).

You can nab the pattern here, and it's also available in child sizes...which, as you can see, are even more adorable!


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Emily Boyd said...

They're absolutely gorgeous!

Okay, that's it, I have to learn how to cable knit. It's time and I've managed to learn to do textures and fair-isle this year :)

I'm not obsessed...well, not much, just planning a knitted extravaganza for this Christmas's window display at work. I've been knitting since March. I'm officially going nuts!

Lovely post & now I'm off to lurk on her blog :)

Happy Birthday! Hope you had great day for the second round of celebrations! x